World Diversity Week

Our class has been given Bangladesh. We have researched the country and found out lots of interesting facts. Over half of the people there are farmers. We have made a collage of a Bengal Tiger and design our sun bears with a Bangladesh theme. Image-1 (2).jpg

Global Diversity Week

This week we are looking at different places around the world comparing them to here. Our class has been given Bangladesh to focus on. So if you have any interesting facts that you know or that you have found out please let me know.




Peter Pan

Our new text this half term is the adventures of Peter Pan. We have been exploring the feelings of the different characters. How must Wendy have felt when Peter crashed through her window? Would her parents believe her? Why did they leave a dog to look after them?

Wriggle and Crawl

Our new topic is called Wriggle and Crawl. We have been focusing this week on minibeasts. We went on a bug hunt and saw lots of millipedes, spiders, worms, woodlice and centipedes. We did get to see a lady bird, but there wasn’t many in the area we were looking. The children loved looking at them, so if you get a chance at home go and investigate what you can find. We then made up our own bug using the different parts that they have. We had dragon beetles, daddy long lady birds and all other mixtures.


Next week we will be having a visitor who is bringing his own collection of minibeasts. I hope he has a tarantula as lots of the class are excited about this.